180 Degree Marketing Summit
3+1 Ways To Improve Churn And Increase Your SaaS Revenue
Churn is the silent killer of your business, especially these days. Neglecting it makes you work more to stand still and recover from the lost revenue it's causing you. In this talk, we will explore 3+1 ways to tackle your churn and see an instant benefit in your revenues. We will discuss proactive and reactive methods to prevent churn and/or make the most of the churn you cannot avoid. At the end of this talk, you will have a list of actionable ideas to implement yourself and all the food for thought needed to research more.

Aggelos Mouzakitis

Aggelos founded Growth Sandwich in 2017 in an effort to surrender his corporate Product Management job. In the last 3 years, he has worked with more than 100 SaaS companies and has trained literally thousands through his physical and online courses. His background is 40% Marketer and 60% Product manager as he has held Head Digital and Product roles. He is also obsessed with User Research and especially Jobs-to-be-done as he is one of the very few people that are certified in this framework.