180 Degree Marketing Summit
How to Design a Recession-Proof Marketing Growth Stack
In this talk, Ruben will help you understand why marketing stacks can help companies do more with less. We'll look at how to use technology to lower acquisition costs, increase user retention, and personalize communication at scale.
Maximizing the Performance of Your Remote Marketing Team
Learn how to manage a remote marketing team for maximum impact and results. Tim Parkin shares how to make the most of working remotely and simple strategies that can improve the productivity and performance of your marketing team.
Building Customer Relationships that Last
As companies narrow their focus, realign priorities, and cut costs, one thing that remains important is your customers. In this talk, Sajeesh shares stories of how some companies around the globe and across industries are using empathy to create memorable customer experiences.
3+1 Ways To Improve Churn And Increase Your SaaS Revenue
Churn is the silent killer of your business, especially these days. Neglecting it makes you work more to stand still and recover from the lost revenue it's causing you. In this talk, we will explore 3+1 ways to tackle your churn and see an instant benefit in your revenues. We will discuss proactive and reactive methods to prevent churn and/or make the most of the churn you cannot avoid. At the end of this talk, you will have a list of actionable ideas to implement yourself and all the food for thought needed to research more.
Content Distribution: What To Do AFTER Pressing Publish In 2020
Most organizations under estimate the importance of content distribution and over value the idea of creation. In this presentation, Ross will share strategies & techniques that brands can use to spread their content more effectively along with case studies and tools that will help them give their content more reach.
B2B Strategy for a New Digital Marketing Reality
With the evolving and, in some cases, upended marketing landscape amid recent events, we’re seeing dramatic changes in approach to business-to-business (B2B) marketing. In what has traditionally been divided into the camps of sales and marketing, companies can no longer afford such functional silos.

Join strategists, colleagues, and agency founders, Andy Slipher and Cole Field for an enlightening exploration into their collaborative approach to what is being popularly referred to as Account Based Marketing (ABM). Although ABM has been around for some time, what is still evolving is how it’s being planned, customized to client needs, and innovatively executed.

Andy and Cole will go from broad to specific, exploring both from the strategic approach to the tactical tools they use together for better results faster, and for a broad spectrum of shared B2B clientele.
Empathy: Rise Against the Machines
Digital transformation has accelerated due to COVID and the future is now, with companies integrating technologies faster than ever before. This transformation begins with culture and must be approached with empathy.

Learn the structure and techniques of powerful storytelling, based on Miri's newly published book, Brand Storytelling: Put Customers at the Heart of Your Brand Story.